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Great Berlin Art Exhibition 3 Part Space Construction, 1923

Screenprint made by Peter László Péri in 1923 for the Great Berlin Art Exhibition. It represents three large space constructions. This print features in major art collections, including Tate, Centre Pompidou and MoMA NYC amongst others. The edition is not numbered but MoMA estimates it is an edition of approximately 100.

In 1923 within the Great Berlin Art Exhibition’s Novembergruppe section Péri exhibited 3 radically minimal and large wooden cut-outs in red and black. This 3 part Space Construction is annotated by Peri as being 17 metres long and 7 meters high but was in this incarnation probably the same scale as Lissitzky’s Proun Room, which was in the neighbouring booth. Peri later wrote that this exhibit marked the culmination and end of his Abstract work and that “further experiments in this direction would have resulted in the total destruction of form”.

Artist: Peter László Péri

Date: 1923 (erroneously dated 1924)

This edition produced in 1936

Framed size: 42cm x 55cm

Mounting: Conservation float-mounted

Framing: Museum-grade hand-polished walnut frame with 99% UV-resistant glass

Delivery: Collect from the shop or contact Cal to arrange specialist art handlers.

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