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Selling the Daily Worker

A uniquely hand-coloured etching with acquatint also represented in the Tate collection:

“Selling the Daily Worker c.1947 (Tate P14975) is an etching that depicts a woman selling the Communist newspaper The Daily Worker with the headline ‘The British Turn to Socialism’. She is standing in front of a factory wall, her baby in its pram temporarily ignored. The Daily Worker reached its peak circulation in the years after the Second World War, when concerns about workers’ rights and inequality inspired many to turn to socialism. ”

Artist: Peter László Péri

Date: c.1947

Framed size: 39 x 54cm

Mounting: Raised-float mounted using acid-free Japanese wheat-starch paste and Japanese paper

Framing: Museum-grade oak frame with contrasting spline and 99% UV-resistant glass

Delivery: Collect from the shop or contact Cal to arrange specialist art handlers.

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